The Company

Our Vision
To be the trusted, premier on-line destination for African Designer Labels.

Our Mission
To project the talent of African Designers to discerning shoppers worldwide, by providing a reliable and accessible retail outlet for both vendors and buyers.

About us
Exodus Stores commenced business in October 2013, with the primary objective of providing an on-line retail outlet for African Designer labels. 

Of course there is a story behind the name Exodus which for many, connotes a mass movement of people to the promised land as recorded in the book of Exodus in the Holy Bible. For us, in addition to this, Exodus represents something positive – hope, the promise of a brighter future, the certainty that there will be a mass movement in recognition of African talent and Exodus Stores will be a channel for that movement.

We probably already know that Africa is blessed with so much creativity, especially when it comes to fashion. In Nigeria, which is where we are based, you only need to settle down to a spot of ‘people watching’ when you are at social events, driving (or being driven which allows you more time to look) or even at the office, to realize that we are a very style conscious set of people. Our mix of colours, designs and use of fabric is impressive and often unique to us.

Through Exodus Stores, we want to bring African Designs closer to the rest of the world. We want to see our African talent become household names globally.We want to make African design labels accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Thus, the journey has begun and we hope you’ll come with us. It is an EXODUS and this is our Motto – ‘In God we trust.’.

Nike Ogunlana BSc. FCA

Founder – Exodus Stores